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Team Wedgetech | Living Science Academy

InVenture Challenge: Team WedgeTech Update

Living Science is delighted to announce that Team WedgeTech has been invited to compete at the National Invention Convention in Washington, D.C., this May. Everett Apple and Claire Crose will join students from all over the country as they present their product at the next level. We are very proud of them and of their…

Hands On Science | Elementary Classes | Living Science Academy

RUBE Goldbergs and Trebuchets: April 30, 2016

A Rube Goldberg Convention… At 9:00 a.m. on April 30, 2016, Living Science’s 2016 Rube Goldberg Convention begins, featuring our 9th grade Physical Science classes. The students have been working on their Rubes for several months, and you’ll be amazed at the creative contraptions they have designed and built. The Rube Goldberg convention is a…

Team Wedgetech | Living Science Academy

Team WedgeTech Wins High School Manufacturing Award at InVenture Competition

Team WedgeTech took the High School Manufacturing award AND second place overall in the Georgia Tech InVenture competition today. Congratulations to our hard-working students on their accomplishment, and to their teacher, Michelle Crose, who made it all possible!  Stay tuned for the full report on their product and experience.

Living Science STEM Homeschool Program | Living Science Academy

Homeschooling Science, Hybrid Schools and STEM

While many homeschooling families sail through the elementary years, some parents start to have concerns when their children are ready for middle school or high school.  As students mature and school becomes more rigorous, it becomes more difficult to cover the entire curriculum with confidence.   This is often especially true as parent/teachers seek to…

Hybrid Homeschool | Living Science Academy

The Value of Hybrid Homeschool Programs

Over the past several years, there has been tremendous growth in home schooling, particularly among “hybrid” home-schoolers willing to blur the educational lines of public and private education. Hybrid programs meet a select number of times per a week, but students still do most of their schooling at home with their parents on the other…

Engineering Essentials Living Science | Living Science Academy

Living Science Holds Invention Competition with Chance to Compete at Georgia Tech

Every year, Georgia Tech hosts the InVenture Prize, the nation’s largest undergraduate invention competition. It is an interdisciplinary innovation competition open to college students. A few years ago, Georgia Tech expanded the competition to include younger students, calling it the InVenture Challenge. Over the summer, Living Science applied and was selected to compete in this…


3 Tips for Teaching Science with Active Learning

According to a study from the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology[1], 60 percent of students in the United States who enroll in a STEM field at the college level switch to a non-STEM field or drop out. It is more important than ever to ensure kids are interested in learning and sticking…

Engineering Essentials Living Science | Living Science Academy

Living Science Engineering Students Attend Georgia Tech Capstone Design Expo

In December, Living Science’s Engineering Essentials class attended Georgia Tech’s Capstone Design Expo to observe Georgia Tech students share their design class inventions and hear the inventors pitch their products. Capstone Design is a cumulative course offered in several disciplines, challenging students to invent and build a product with real world applications in the form…

Children Early Education STEM Christian Homeschool Program

Childhood Education: Early STEM Learning

With the right guidance, children are capable of much more than we give them credit for. Picture a first-grade classroom; maybe even go back to you were in first grade. Amidst all the excitement, your teacher gives you several hands-on activities on the topic you’ve been studying for the past week. After the teacher passes…

Christian Home School Program

Navigating Schooling Options For Your Child: Home School Programs

As a parent, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit for your child’s unique educational needs. One option, which is growing in popularity, is a homeschool program model or hybrid school. This approach allows for the tailoring of curricula, and the customization of teaching styles, which best fits a student’s needs. Also, this…

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