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Why Everyone Should Take a Coding Class

A Guest Post from Calvin Crose, Living Science Senior Today, with the expansion of technology, it is more important than ever for every student to take a coding class. Many people think coding is only for those super-smart nerds in Silicon Valley. This, however, is just an excuse. Coding is for everyone because it increases…

True Lookenott Quorum Sensing

Science Living: True Lookenott, Microbiology Researcher

True Lookenott (2020) is a junior biology major at Truett-McConnell University. Along with his professor, Dr. Diby Paul, and a fellow student, True is researching ways to prevent the formation of biofilms. A biofilm is a thin, slick layer of bacteria and secretions that can develop on all kinds of surfaces. To form these films,…

Claire Gallion Research

Science Living: Claire Gallion, COVID-19 Research Intern

Claire Gallion, ‘18, is a senior premed student at Birmingham-Southern College (BSC). She spent the summer of 2021 in a lab as a research intern at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) where she studied how COVID-19 infection affects the innate immune response to fungi. We asked Claire to give a high-level description of…

Rich Hull Plant Voucher

Science Living: Rich Hull, PhD Student in Plant Ecology

Rich Hull, ‘17, majored in biology at the University of Georgia and is working on his PhD at Indiana University’s Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior Program (EEB) where he is studying plant ecology. His current project, which will also be his PhD thesis, is documenting a comprehensive modern flora of the Wabash River corridor in western…


Science Living: Alaina Davis, Field Researcher

Alaina Davis, ’18, is majoring in fisheries and wildlife at the University of Georgia, and this summer she studied Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon–which means she spent her days out on on the Altamaha and Savannah rivers catching, examining, weighing, and measuring sturgeon. After graduation (Spring, 2022) she plans to pursue a Master’s degree in aquatic…

Rae McArthur | Living Science Academy

Rae McArthur Memorial Scholarship

Rae McArthur, ’19, along with her mother, Andrea McArthur, was killed in a plane crash in Alaska this summer. Rae was an outstanding example of the kind of leader Living Science seeks to send out. She demonstrated diligence, commitment, hard work, and joy. She continued to develop these qualities after she left Living Science, making…

Oliver in Lab

Science Living: Oliver Erasmus, Forensic Chemist

Oliver Erasmus, ’17, is a senior at Kennesaw State University studying forensic chemistry. This year, he is conducting research that will allow law enforcement of the future to detect organic gunshot residues from heavy-metal-free ammunition. This ammunition is increasingly common because it alleviates environmental risks associated with the heavy metal content of traditional ammunition. Since…

Kelly teaching about insects

Science Living: Kelly Tims, Entomologist

While most Living Science students go on to focus on something other than science, many do, in fact, study science. In this series of short posts, we highlight Living Science alumni who are currently involved in scientific research. Working towards a PhD in Entomology… Kelly Tims, ’16, majored in biological sciences and entomology at the…

Hands On Science | Elementary Classes | Living Science Academy

Video: How Servant Leaders are Made

Watch this short video to see what Mrs. D, current and former students, and parents have to say about the Servant Leader program at Living Science.

2019 Graduates | Living Science Academy

Senior Class of 2019

Living Science is proud to present this year’s graduating seniors. We are sending them out to be salt and light. Some will head to college this summer and fall; some will spend this next year exploring, serving, and planning their next steps. We love them all and look forward to hearing what God is doing…

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