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The Value of Hybrid Homeschool Programs

Over the past several years, there has been tremendous growth in home schooling, particularly among “hybrid” home-schoolers willing to blur the educational lines of public and private education.

Hybrid programs meet a select number of times per a week, but students still do most of their schooling at home with their parents on the other days. Typically, hybrids meet once or twice a week and assign work for home days.

In addition, hybrid programs are often a la carte, offering a variety of courses from which to choose and allowing students some flexibility in grade levels.  For example, a student might take an eighth-grade math or science class at the program and study other core subjects at sixth-grade level at home. Hybrid programs can be a great option for parents seeking to maintain their homeschool flexibility while giving their students some exposure to the benefits of a classroom environment with their peers.

Many hybrid schools also offer extracurricular clubs and field trip options, providing another connection to the community and like-minded families.

Hybrids can be a good fit for parents who are just getting started for the following reasons:

  1. Access to experienced teachers for the subjects they are uncomfortable teaching
  2. A peer group and peer interaction for students who thrive in social settings
  3. Opportunities to get to know other homeschooling families
  4. Some structure to help keep student accountable
  5. Potentially outsourcing classes to help save on the parents’ time

Selecting the Right Fit

Selecting the perfect hybrid program for your family is about finding one where you and your child feel most comfortable. Your research process and getting to meet the administration are crucial steps.

Some programs revolve around a standard college prep academic curriculum. Others apply a classical approach, arranging coursework around a history backbone for example. They might cover world history by studying a chronological period each year and by providing opportunities for cross-curriculum application of history.

As a hybrid, Living Science is unique in our area  in that science is our backbone. All of our students are required to take a science class.  Many elect to take other classes as well. We offer a full curriculum of classes for middle and high schoolers. Parents can enroll their students at Living Science for all their courses, just science, or any combination of science and other classes as needed.

We are a non-traditional study center that focuses on opportunities to observe God’s handiwork through intense observation and study of science. We enjoy working with parents to create exciting learning experiences focused on each child’s unique learning style.

Learn more about our program by contacting us through this form . Or you can attend any of our upcoming open houses to learn about enrollment opportunities, tour the campus, explore our classrooms and equipment, and talk with the staff.

By Mr. D | Feb 22, 2016

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