Hybrid High School Courses at Living Science Academy

Our hybrid homeschooling academic courses help students develop the knowledge, skills, and discipline they need to succeed. The hybrid model gives students and their families flexibility to manage their coursework but also provides the accountability that many high school students need. It frees parents to transition to a coaching rather than a teaching role, easing their relationship with maturing teens.

Successful high school homeschoolers learn to be self-starters and excellent time managers. Full-time high schoolers should expect their academic workload to be about 30 hours/week (including class time), and possibly more. Graduates tell us that they are well prepared for college coursework through our rigorous classes and the experience they have gained by being responsible for a week’s worth of schoolwork at a time.

While some 9th graders are ready to manage their work on their own, there is often a transitional period in 9th and 10th grade when parents need to stay involved to help students succeed in the transition to high school. We welcome involved parents, and our teachers are always happy to talk with parents about students’ needs and progress.


Living Science Academy’s hybrid high school science courses continue our tradition of hands-on education, helping students make a successful transition to high school work and preparing them for future success. Students begin high school with physical science, followed by biology (10th), chemistry (11th), and a choice of physics or anatomy and physiology in 12th grade.

Trebuchet Competition

Experiments | Hybrid High School Science Courses| Living Science Academy

Each of our physics students designs and builds a working trebuchet, competing for longest throw, accuracy, and precision.

Freshman Physical Science
Rube Goldberg Convention

Demonstration | Hybrid High School Science Courses | Living Science Academy

“The experience of trial and error and eventual success in the Rube Goldberg project teaches students as much about the perseverance and creativity they need in engineering as it does STEM concepts.”

- Sandy Fisher, Physical Science and Physics Teacher

High School Science Retreat

Our entire hybrid high school visits a different location, usually in the fall, on their week-long Retreat, a great opportunity to get out of the classroom and into creation. On Retreat, high school STEM activities might involve building a bridge, dissecting marine specimens, assembling and testing a catapult, designing and racing a duct tape and cardboard boat, collecting field data for Shannon-Weiner diversity studies, and much more. Our STEM teachers prepare special in-depth instruction in biological, engineering, and other STEM rotations, and students also enjoy fun large-group activities and worship each evening. The change of place and pace on Retreat enhances learning and allows our faculty, staff, parents, and students to interact in a less formal environment.


A strong conceptual grasp of high school mathematics is important for everyone and essential for those entering the STEM fields. We offer all four years of high school mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus/Trigonometry or Business Math. Our math teachers teach for mastery and understanding, and many of our students go straight into college calculus in their senior year (or earlier) without missing a beat.

In addition to our one-year Honors Algebra 1 class, we offer a two-year Algebra 1 class spanning middle and high school. Students have the option to begin Algebra 1 in middle school and complete it over two school years. The slower pace enables younger students to excel and builds a high level of competence and confidence in those who might otherwise struggle. Many of our students credit this foundation with their success in higher math classes later on.

Literature and Writing

Living Science Academy offers four years of high school English classes where students can develop the communications skill set they will need throughout life. Our courses are literature based, beginning with the state-required “Introduction to Literature” in 9th grade, and continuing with World Literature (10th), American Literature (11th), and either high school British Literature or dual enrollment (DE) Freshman Composition 1 & 2 in 12th grade.

All English classes seek to develop strong research and writing skills and provide ample practice and feedback. These discussion-based classes help students enjoy and appreciate classic works of literature from a Biblical worldview.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Our science classes aren’t the only ones with a hands-on approach. You may find our history students in period costume (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) impersonating a favorite historical person and our government class members making posters as they run for election. American Sign Language and Spanish classes offer performances, presentations, and activities to engage students and connect learning with life outside of school. We also offer a dual enrollment introduction to psychology course, taught from a Biblical worldview.

STEM Electives

We can’t over stress the importance of hands-on learning in the STEM fields. We offer STEM electives such as Introduction to Programming (1 & 2), Engineering Essentials (1 & 2), and Introduction to Electronics, plus a three-year electronics rotation that includes Communications Technology, Electronics Technology, and Microcontroller Technology.

Dual Enrollment

Living Science partners with Truett-McConnell University (TMU) to offer dual enrollment classes for juniors and seniors on our campus. Dual enrolled students receive both high school and college credit. Dual-enrollment class credits transfer to all Georgia state schools and most other colleges and universities. Truett-McConnell has one of the best established dual enrollment programs in the state, and we are happy to offer it to our students. Current classes are Introduction to Psychology (fall) and both Freshman Composition courses (fall/spring).

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