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While many homeschooling families sail through the elementary years, some parents start to have concerns when their children are ready for middle school or high school.  As students mature and school becomes more rigorous, it becomes more difficult to cover the entire curriculum with confidence.  

This is often especially true as parent/teachers seek to teach and ignite a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

It takes time, space, and some specialized expertise and equipment to effectively teach hands-on science.  Many families simply cannot provide access to these tools.  And a textbook-centered or online class approach to science makes it more difficult for students to develop the kind of interest in STEM that results in a life-long passion and career opportunities.  

Living Science STEM Homeschool Program

So how can the Living Science STEM program help?

The heartbeat of Living Science is an appreciation for and understanding of God’s creation order in the world. This understanding extends to the other STEM disciplines, technology, engineering, and math.  

In addition to our lab facilities and passionate teachers, Living Science students have many opportunities to explore: dissections, ecological data collection and contribution, toothpick bridges, Rube Goldbergs, electronics, microprocessors, and much more.  

Field trips are an integral part of the Living Science curriculum, removing the walls of the classroom to show students the practical application of science in the world.  Middle school and high school students each have a week-long field trip planned into the curriculum every year.

Our innovative programs earned Living Science a spot as one of three finalists in the 2013 Technology Association of Georgia STEM awards.

The STEM program is available to all students from the 4th grade through the 12th grade. Students who participate in STEM programs often excel at problem solving and logic.

Because our program is built on science, each student must take at least one science class and may take any other classes they would like.  We offer all of the required academic classes from fourth grade through high school, along with a number of electives.                                                                                                               

We are a non-traditional study center that focuses on opportunities to observe God’s handiwork through intense observation and study of science. We enjoy working with parents to create exciting learning experiences focused on each child’s unique learning style.

Learn more about our program by contacting us through this form. Or attend any of our upcoming open houses to learn about enrollment opportunities, tour the campus, explore our classrooms and equipment, and talk with the staff.

By Mr. D | Mar 14, 2016

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