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HE is the Light of the World

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I remember when we first moved to Georgia, Mr. D was involved in the Men's Ministry at our new church . He came home one Saturday morning after the meeting and shared how they had discussed the huge stress wives experience at Christmas. He innocently asked if I was stressed! Maybe I hid the fact [...]

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Giving Thanks: A Seasonal Message from the D’s

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"Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever." Psalm 136:26 As we sit pondering this profound statement, our hearts are full. Looking back over the past 20 years of this ministry called Living Science, we are speechless at His steadfast love and provision. It simply is not possible to write down everything [...]

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Living Science Students Serve on STEM TAG Panel

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On November 4th, Living Science students Everett Apple and Claire Crose had the honor of serving on a student panel at the fifth annual Technology Association of Georgia STEM Education Awards, which “honors Georgia schools, programs, and companies for outstanding efforts and achievements in supporting and promoting science, technology, engineering, and math education.”  Living Science [...]

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Teacher Profile: Bernie Adams

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 Bernie Adams - High School Computer Programming “I am honored to be at Living Science teaching high school students about computer science and programming while also encouraging them to have Christ as their moral compass.” — Bernie Adams Since Bernie Adams began teaching computer science and programming at Living Science in August of 2015, she [...]

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Musings from Mrs. D: On Change

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Driving down the highway together always affords us time to engage in deep meaningful conversations. On this particular occasion, we were observing the mosaic of fall colors on the trees along the road and our topic turned to "CHANGE." Beauty is often a byproduct of change, but change also causes us sorrow along the way. [...]

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