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Musings from Mrs. D: On Change

Driving down the highway together always affords us time to engage in deep meaningful conversations. On this particular occasion, we were observing the mosaic of fall colors on the trees along the road and our topic turned to “CHANGE.”

Beauty is often a byproduct of change, but change also causes us sorrow along the way. As we peeked back into the changing seasons of our own lives, we identified many areas of change that have taken place over the years.

I remarked, “It is amazing that we handled all the changes, especially early on in our marriage. Nobody warned us about the kinds of things that we would face.”

We looked at each other and realized that in most cases parents have no idea how to teach their children to embrace and survive change. We are all so intent on life “now,” that it is hard to consider the absence of “now” as it were.

Obviously, parents thrive on the changes they enjoy while watching their children grow up, but do we prepare them for the normal changes ahead?

We began to list things seldom discussed in families, starting with the Living Science “Golden Rule” which we jokingly put in place years ago to keep our sanity when planning and executing trips!

This “Rule” says: THERE WILL BE CHANGE!

Simple as it sounds it really does alleviate frustration. We simply look at each other, quote the rule, laugh and start over.

So…to our children, grandchildren and others who need to contemplate change; “There WILL be change”This list is NOT comprehensive… just thoughts designed to kickstart your own conversations.

This list is NOT comprehensive… just thoughts designed to kickstart your own conversations.

  • YOU will change; stay in the Word so this is towards God not away from Him
  • Your friends WILL change; make wise choices surround yourself with Godly friends who are active in their churches.
  • Your dwelling will change (maybe many times and not always for the better). Hold onto it lightly; it is only temporary.
  • Your personal possessions will all change over time; they don’t go to heaven, so don’t fret it. In fact, Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us they will all rot!
  • Your parents will change; as time passes they will not only cease to protect and help you, but you will become their caretakers.

Eventually, your parents will pass away; prepare your own children for the cycles of life… teach from the world of nature: leaves, insects, pets! Everything lives and dies. Grandparents will most likely pass away first, but so will you. Do your children, OUR children, KNOW that death for us is really arriving…just the beginning of Life Eternal?

In all of this, CAMP on the GLORIOUS TRUTH that our GOD is UNCHANGING.

“For I the LORD do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.” Malachi 3:6
Praise Him!

But you, O LORD, are enthroned forever; you are remembered throughout all generations. Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the LORD: Psalm 102:-12,18

No matter how life changes, whether it is for good or the bad, our God is in control forever! Our children (of ALL ages) must drink of this truth and teach it down the line.

We change!
Everything around us changes!
Only HE is unchanging !!!

But you (GOD) are the same, and your years have no end. Psalm 102:27

Praise God we can rush headlong into all the days He has for us on Earth with total confidence that ALL is well in the Heavenlies.

Work for the night is coming when no man can work! John 9:4

By Penney Davis | Nov 7, 2016

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Psalm 127:4

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.