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Teacher Profile – Dr. Bob Montes

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Dr. Bob Montes Intro to Psychology “In the 29 years that I have served as a counselor and psychologist, I have discovered that there is nothing more excellent for mental health than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” — Bob Montes, Ph.D. Dr. Bob Montes began teaching dual enrollment Psychology at Living Science in the [...]

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Teacher Profile – Carla Lowery

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Physical Science (9th grade) and Chemistry (11th grade) “I love Proverbs 25:2, ‘It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.’ As children of the Most High, this is exactly what we do when we delve into the chemical realm of creation. My heart [...]

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Teacher Profile – Angela Tow

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High School, Honors Algebra “Being part of the Living Science family is so much more than top-notch academics. Developing the students spiritually and giving them opportunities to excel is the priority.” — Angela Tow After graduating from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Mathematics in 1995, Angela Tow began teaching in [...]

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Teacher Profile: Bernie Adams

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 Bernie Adams - High School Computer Programming “I am honored to be at Living Science teaching high school students about computer science and programming while also encouraging them to have Christ as their moral compass.” — Bernie Adams Since Bernie Adams began teaching computer science and programming at Living Science in August of 2015, she [...]

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Teacher Profile: Meet Tammy Largin

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Courses: American History, World History, Government, Economics, and American Sign Language “Teaching High School should always focus on real life application, opening their eyes to a world outside their box and showing them how to deal with that world using their foundation of truth created from the Word of God.” — Tammy Largin In 2012, [...]

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