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Teacher Profile – Angela Tow

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“Being part of the Living Science family is so much more than top-notch academics. Developing the students spiritually and giving them opportunities to excel is the priority.” — Angela Tow

After graduating from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Mathematics in 1995, Angela Tow began teaching in the public school systems of Alabama and Georgia. In addition to public school teaching, Angela also spent 20 years privately tutoring high school math. She now enjoys homeschooling her own three children and all of her Living Science students as well.

She has been teaching mathematics at Living Science since 2012. In the last four years, Angela has taught courses in sixth-grade math, calculus, and honors algebra at Living Science. She maintains that “teaching math is like teaching another language,” and is diligent to provide students not just with the ability to find the correct answers, but with an understanding of the methods behind the problem that will ensure future success.

Angela is passionate about guiding students through the “foreign language” that is Honors Algebra. In Honors Algebra 1, she equips students with the basic skills required to succeed in high school math. The course is an advanced, fast-paced study of real number operations, equations, inequalities, linear functions, rational expressions, and much more.

In Angela’s classroom, students learn skills that will take them into whatever field they choose – but spiritual development is essential in any field. To help students keep their hearts and minds turned towards God, Angela encourages her classroom to have “J.O.Y.” focused priorities, keeping relationships with Jesus first, others next, and ourselves (you) last.

Outside of the classroom, Angela enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly in the pool or at the beach. In high school and college, she worked as a lifeguard instructor and swim teacher. Angela is also incredibly competitive and cherishes healthy rivalry. Just ask some of the students she raced in Go Carts with over the summer.

By Lisa Gallion | Jan 16, 2017

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