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Eclipse 2017

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  • STEM: Lichens under a microscope


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  • Chanel Designs in the Sand - A Lesson From Olives

Lesson from Olives

May 3rd, 2017|Comments Off on Lesson from Olives

Living Science STEM Education Finalist Award

Why Living Science?

At Living Science, we believe that parents have the primary responsibility for educating their children, and our job is to come alongside and support parents in that task. All children have a natural curiosity, and we seek to develop a love of learning in everyone. That’s why the basis of Living Science is an appreciation of science and the world in which we live. 

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Leadership Training

We firmly believe that true leaders serve. That’s why our Servant Leader program is one of the most distinctive aspects of the Living Science educational experience. We teach Servant Leaders to take responsibility for their own spiritual growth, encouraging them to read and apply God’s word. Parents and students alike credit the program for encouraging maturity in students.

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STEM Trips & Activities

At Living Science, we believe that there is no better way to instill a love of science than to provide hands-on experience in the field. From our annual trebuchet competition to our science expedition and senior retreat field trips, students at Living Science conduct sophisticated science and engineering experiments that prepare them for college science classes and labs.

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