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Parent Perspective: Servant Leader Program

By Greg and Julia Frick

When we began our home school journey, our primary concern was the academic education of our children. We were highly focused on achieving academic milestones and rigor that would set our kids up to attend the best universities and be highly successful. We felt the significant pressure of undertaking this huge responsibility, and we pressed on with our plans. At Living Science, we were exposed to the philosophy of “Reaching Beyond Academic Excellence” in action. We witnessed first-hand the development of young men and women who were serving our children on campus and on Expeditions. This was all founded upon a love of God and an understanding that Jesus Christ is our savior.

We began to interact on many levels with the Servant Leaders, their parents, the teachers, and the staff at Living Science. Our entire family has been poured into by everyone we’ve encountered in the Servant Leader Program. Many who have graduated from the Servant Leader Program and Living Science have gone on to pursue career paths focused on glorifying God through their careers, service and missions. We have found the academic rigor we desired in Living Science’s classrooms, but we found so much more for our kids by participating in the Servant Leader Program. Through this experience, our plans for our children have become more aligned with “His” plans for our children.

Before attending Living Science, we always valued the time with our children. As years have passed, we’ve come to appreciate that the time to have a lifelong impact on our children is finite. For us, the Servant Leader Program has been a true partnership helping us utilize our finite time to the fullest. Being surrounded by families with similar goals has been a tremendous blessing. The Servant Leader Program has given our children a platform to further develop their walk with Christ; taught them how to lead, work hard, and work well with others; and held them accountable. They have found their voice, they love God, and they are thriving. The Living Science Program is safe and the Servant Leader program provides graduated progression. From this foundation our kids have learned how to serve and exhibit the characteristics of a servant leader. It is amazing to watch them mature before our eyes, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

At Living Science, our kids have developed strong lifelong friendships that will serve them well as they navigate through the next chapters of their lives. Last year we launched our oldest into college (Auburn Univerisity) and are now preparing to launch our next child, who will attend Georgia Tech this fall. Our focus is still on achieving academic success, but now we are seeking and listening to God’s plans for our children. Our kids will be taking their experiences and training into their college, career, and personal lives. They will be the leaders humbly serving others in a world in need of leadership and service.

By Lisa Gallion | May 7, 2019

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Psalm 127:4

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.