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Why Choose A Homeschool Education?

As the world requires increased exposure to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM),  and parents demand programs that incorporate Christian values, a growing number of families choose homeschooling as an alternative to traditional public or private schools.

While homeschooling is an often-used term with which parents may be familiar, mainstream parents may not be aware of the variety of homeschool program options available, or that they may be able to tailor-make a program that suits their family’s philosophy while providing a superior education for their children.

Families may choose a homeschool education for a variety of reasons, including:

  • educational philosophies that differ from those offered in traditional public and private schools;
  • the opportunity to provide a custom curriculum that stimulates their child’s curiosity, engages her interests, and caters to her learning style;
  • children with special needs who require a setting outside the traditional classroom;
  • consistency in educational messages and techniques, which would be unavailable for families who travel, relocate often, etc.

With today’s emphasis on STEM  programs, Living Science Homeschool Study Center, in Woodstock, GA, offers a curriculum that is built on science, provides resources for students K-3, includes all required academic classes from fourth grade through high school, and lends flexible support for home educator parents and students in a positive, encouraging environment, with a distinctly Christian approach.

Students may take all their courses at Living Science, just science, or design a curriculum using any combination of courses they need.
When families choose a homeschool education for their children, they can count on Living Science to provide the curriculum, guidance and support to empower them as educators, and to encourage children to become lifelong learners.

By Mr. D | Oct 19, 2015

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