Chanel Designs in the Sand - A Lesson From Olives

Lesson from Olives

Lesson from Olives

I love the beach, and last week I spent an hour walking on my favorite beach, talking to God as I went! Amongst other things I was asking for Him to renew my love and passion for Him, especially as we push to the end of the school year!

As I walked, I noticed dozens and dozens of peculiar little chanel designs in the sand (pictured above). Naturally, I stooped down to examine this interesting phenomenon. Something was moving through the sand. It was a live gastropod, specifically an olive! Since it was neap tide,  the water was retreating rapidly and this little mollusk, along with an entire rout of mollusks by the looks of things had been washed up beyond the swash zone. It would be hours before the tide turned by which time each and every little creature would most likely re-enter the food chain via the hungry seagulls circling overhead.

I re-located a few to the ocean then stood in wonder as I watched the activity of others on the beach. God was giving me an object lesson (again!). Somehow, these little creatures instinctively knew that to survive the dynamic and hostile environment of the beach, they needed to individually DIG down and bury themselves in wet sand where they could absorb life-giving oxygen through their gills!

Chanel Designs in the Sand - A Lesson From OlivesAs I continued in utter amazement to observe this process it also became apparent that some were not digging down deep enough. The sun was drying them out. The one pictured in my hand was in dire straits, having fallen out of its shallow channel. I gently picked it up and placed it back in the surf.

As I did so I could sense God’s presence and His Spirit speaking to me. Life is not easy! (No kidding!) Many times we find ourselves in hostile or ever-changing circumstances. Our response must be to dig deep into HIS WORD and saturate ourselves with Living Water. If this is not our response, just like the gulls hovering overhead, waiting for the right moment to attack, our enemy strides around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. He delights in attacking DRY CHRISTIANS!

The lesson…
I may not be able to choose my circumstances or prevent hardships, but I can drink deeply of Living Water and stay spiritually hydrated through tough times.

Thank you God!
What a walk!

By Penney Davis | May 3, 2017

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Psalm 127:4

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.