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STEM & Student-Centered Learning

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Traditional education techniques have students study multiple subjects independently of one another. A student may read Macbeth in English class, go to science and learn about chemical reactions, attend history class to discuss ancient civilizations, and math to learn about angles and circumferences, then head off to the computer lab to learn basic programming skills. [...]

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Georgia Law and Homeschool Students

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The Comprehensive Education Bill (HB 283) went into effect just two years ago, and simplified the way homeschool families report attendance and submit information about their children's educational progress. Previously, homeschool parents were required to submit attendance and other reports to the State Department of Education or to their local school superintendent. Today, families who [...]

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College-Bound Homeschool Students

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In addition to class work, extracurricular activities, socializing and perhaps a part-time job, high school juniors and seniors spend a lot of time researching and applying to colleges and universities. For several years, top colleges have been actively recruiting homeschool students, because they recognize homeschoolers as better prepared than their public school and private school [...]

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