Inventure 2020 | Living Science Academy

Engineering Students Participate in State-Wide Inventure Competition at Georgia Tech

Inventure 2020 | Living Science Academy

Update from our Engineering teacher, Michelle Crose

Living Science congratulates Aria Claxton & Hanna Watson and their invention called Peel Pen on advancing to the K-12 InVenture Prize Finals at Georgia Tech. They competed in the state finals this past week along with the top 98 teams from the state. Over 5000 students from across Georgia participated in the K-12 InVenture Program this year. Roughly 500 teams advanced to the online qualifier. From there 98 teams were invited to participate in state finals. Peel Pen is a reusable, sanitary pen with multiple layers that can be peeled so that each user only touches one surface. This prevents the spread of germs through indirect contact in hospitals and waiting rooms, specifically on shared writing instruments.

By Lisa Gallion | Mar 17, 2020

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