In this section you will find some photos that represent a variety of interesting events at Living Science.  Our student population ranges from Kindergarten to 12th graders.  We hope you enjoy some of the images representing “fun times” and “hands on learning” at Living Science.

Living Science Culture

We offer you a brief tour of the culture at Living Science.  One of the most memorable events for students is associated with a birthday.

Sixteenth birthdays are celebrated with “tea parties” and “muggings.”  For students who enroll prior to their sixteenth birthday, Living Science Home Studies will set aside an evening for a Tea Party or Mugging.  As a defining moment in our culture, Living Science Home Studies wants to honor students who reach this stage of growth and maturity by bringing their peers and relatives around them to focus on the Lord and give them a blessing

Rube Goldberg

Each year, the 9th grade science students design and build a working “Rube Goldberg” model showing the different energy changes involving Newton’s laws.  Murphy’s law is alive and well at these events, which draw many students and their families to watch.  Each designed model is evaluated by the Physics teacher selected staff members and Physics students.

Clubs K-3rd

Living Science Clubs are facilitated from Kindergarten through 3rd grades.  These students are taught an eclectic mix of subjects which supplements their home-school education.

Science Class

Hands-on labs are designed for all the science students each week.  If a student cannot access the information presented through their 5 senses, it often will not “stick.”