We are very proud of the caliber of teachers at Living Science.

living science teacher bernie adams

Bernie Adams
High School computer programming, 7th and 8th grade technology

Since Bernie Adams began teaching computer science and programming in August of 2015, she has combined two of her greatest passions: children’s education and science and technology. Applying both with a biblical focus in her classroom, she believes that “the world was created by God exactly the way he described it in Genesis.”  Learn more

Andrea AppleAndrea Apple
K-1 Clubs, 2-3 STEM plus language arts.

I knew from an early age that I wanted to teach young children and to write children’s books.  God instilled a passion for both within me a long time ago and that fire still burns brightly!  I received a degree in Early Childhood Education from KSU and taught in Cobb County for 9 years.  At that time, God blessed my husband, Jeff, and myself with our only child, Everett.  We decided to homeschool Everett from the beginning, and supplemented his studies at Living Science beginning with his 6th Grade year.  As Everett became more and more independent, the strong desire to be back in the classroom grew in me.  I thought I might return to public school, but God’s plan brought me to a teaching role at Living Science … His ways are ALWAYS better than our ways!  I am so thankful to be here, teaching, writing curriculum, and helping in any way I can.  I love the opportunity to pray with and for our students and their families … it’s one of my favorite aspects of teaching in such a Christ-centered atmosphere.  My goal, while teaching your children the STEM program, is to create life-long learners, hungry for the truth found in God’s Word and knowledge that will help them go out and influence and change the world for His glory!!

Michelle Crose head shot smallMichelle Crose
Algebra 1 Year 1, Algebra 1 (Honors), High School Engineering

Prior to having children I worked as a “rocket scientist” for McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed Martin. I have an Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering degree from Purdue plus the experience of teaching for the past 10 years. I love to watch students grasp how things work and are put together. I want them to get excited about all the possibilities within the field of Engineering. Learn more

Mr D Portrait clearLance Davis (Mr. D)
Administrator and Co-Founder

I was trained as a teacher in Africa. The English system of education mandated that if I were handed a class to teach, as long as I understood the content to be taught, I should be able to use good principles and practices in delivering an exciting, valuable and challenging lesson. I love teaching and leading students, young or old. Watching the light go on as a Servant Leader says, “Oh, I get it!”, or seeing a real life-change in one of them is still one of my favorite experiences.

Penney Davis (Mrs. D) Co-Founder
Middle School Science (Grades 6-7)

I have been teaching science for more years than many of our parents are old!  My passion has not changed or wavered.  I am passionate about God.  I am passionate about children.  I am passionate about science!  Put those three ingredients together and you have a dynamic environment that will impact lives permanently. It is easy to leap out of bed every day and enter a science lab filled with eager faces belonging to kids and young adults who are ready to engage in learning for the purpose of one day impacting others in the same way.

Andrea AppleStacey Kahn-Dennison Speech & Drama, Middle School History 1 and 2

An Atlanta native, Stacey moved with her family to Solomon’s Island, MD and then to Oak Ridge, TN. She attended UT, Knoxville, studying classical opera performance and ultimately graduating in communications and TV production.  Stacey was saved by the Grace of God in 1996, and has spent the last 12 years passionately guiding home school students in subjects ranging from clarinet to physical science. Her deepest desire is to point students towards Yeshua and His righteousness, His call to purity, veracity, and sanctification. Examination of His Story is a marvelous vehicle for this amazing journey!

staff_dan-fisherDan Fisher
High School Tech & Engineering Chair – High School Electronics and Microcontroller Technology

I have discovered a passion for teaching, especially teaching God’s word and the application of technology. I find that theory without application is often boring, and I seek to incorporate labs into my classes that provide practical application to what we are learning. God has led me to Living Science by way of the Marine Corps and a long career with Lockheed Martin. I believe that my experiences as a Christian in these highly secular environments helped to prepare me for this incredible opportunity to teach students in the uniquely edifying atmosphere that is Living Science. I see STEM as providing a critical underpinning for the understanding of the orderly nature of God’s world. I particularly enjoy the ability to work with students as individuals rather than as products on an assembly line.  Learn more

sandy-fisherSandy Fisher
Physical Science, Physics

My passion in teaching physics is to help the students understand some of the underlying structure God placed in our universe.  Our orderly God created an orderly universe for us to study  to learn more about ourselves and Him.  Teaching home school students is great because we set our own goals and schedules.  This year, in addition to our regular course work, we are building 8-foot tall trebuchets for our spring team project.  Not many regular schools (public or private) can offer this kind of opportunity.  I especially like teaching at Living Science; the focus is your relationship with God, whether you are student, teacher or parent.  We put much emphasis on the heart and attitude of the student; when the heart and attitude are right, right actions typically follow.

Melinda Freeman
8th Grade English, British Literature (11-12)

Throughout my life, I have always