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Living Science is a Christian homeschool study center in Woodstock, Georgia, providing STEM and other academic classes for students from third grade through high school and science clubs for K-2. We are excited about God, students, discipleship, learning, and science, in that order.  Our culture of encouragement helps students thrive on challenges and gain the skills they need to succeed.

Why Living Science?

We are distinctly Christian. We approach all subjects from a Biblical perspective and the understanding that “in the beginning, God created….” We approach all students as image-bearers who are precious to their Creator and to us.  We believe that families are paramount, and we seek to come alongside parents as they disciple and educate their children.

We are science-centered. All our students take a science class with us, and all our middle and high school students go on a week-long field studies trip.  The science class is the backbone of our program and the primary group in which the students get to know others in the same grade. Students love the hands-on projects, frequent dissections, and lively class discussion that characterize our classes.

We mentor leaders.  Our high school Servant Leaders benefit from a proven mentoring and discipleship program that offers thorough training and increasing responsibility as they grow. We pour into our Servant Leaders, preparing them to pour out their hearts in service, especially to the middle school students they lead.

We offer choices.  Students may take just science with us or opt for any of a full range of academic classes for 6th-12th grade.  Families choose the classes they desire for their students.  Because we are a home school study center, parents always retain final authority and responsibility for their students’ schooling.

For more details about our approach, visit our Academics pages.   To experience our unique, home-like environment, put our next Open House on your calendar.

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As an approach to education, STEM emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math in a practical, interdisciplinary approach.  Students see the connections among the disciplines as they try them out, learning which tools to use when, and developing the strong problem-solving skills they need for their futures.

At Living Science, STEM students have many opportunities for this kind of interdisciplinary learning. They may experiment with different designs for a toothpick bridge, refine an early engineering concept into a full-fledged invention, design and build a Rube Goldberg device, calculate a Shannon Wiener index to understand species diversity, and much more. Our middle school program has been a multi-year Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) STEM award finalist, and in 2016 a team of students from our high school Engineering class placed second in the high school division of the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE). Our high school and middle school were again recognized as TAG STEM award finalists in 2017.

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