Our Robotics Club is open to students in the 9 to 14 year age group. The club provides children the opportunity to compete in the FIRST Lego League (FLL) competitions. This provides a phenomenal opportunity to both learn and compete.  The students work together with gentle guidance from the adult mentors.

Specific to the Robotics program, the clubs teach the kids how to work together as a team.  They get mentoring from adults, but must design, build and program the robots themselves.  They therefore must learn how to articulate problems for solution, conceptualize possible solutions, brainstorm on how to implement those solutions and solve the problem through trial and error.  They must do all this through a lifecycle of testing, trying, modifying and retesting their solutions.  This is similar to a product development lifecycle and the kids learn this without knowing that’s what they are learning

Robotics Training from Living Science Home Studies on Vimeo.