You have some questions; we have some answers.  Actually if you do not find the answer here, please email us and we will do our best to satisfy your inquisitive minds.

Q: Does every student take a science course?

A: Yes. As a science-based educational center, every student is required to take at least one science course each year.


Q: What is the STEM program?

A: “STEM” is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The term was coined by the National Science Foundation in 2001. These four subject areas are becoming increasingly important in nearly every walk of life. Living Science Home Studies offers a STEM program for 4th and 9th grades, and will be expanding the program in succeeding years. For more information, click here.


Q: Why is science tuition for grades 6-12 higher than tuition for other courses?

A: Science tuition includes the cost of a five-day science expedition to Jekyll Island for all students in grades 6-8 and to a different location each year for students in grades 9-12. For more information on science expeditions, click here.


Q: Are the tuition amounts annual or monthly?

A: All tuition amounts are listed on an annual basis. A ten-month payment plan is offered for families wishing to pay on a monthly basis.


Q: The schedule refers to “Alpha” and “Beta” classes. What does that mean?

A: “Alpha” and “Beta” simply refer to two sections of the same course. The sections receive the same instruction and are taught at the same “level”; they just meet at different times to accommodate family schedules.


Q: In addition to tuition and an application fee, what other fees are required to attend Living Science Home Studies?

A: Students in selected grades pay a lab fee, purchase four Living Science t-shirts for use on field trips and science expeditions, and each family helps maintain the campus by cleaning on one day each year or  opting out and paying a small cleaning fee.