Back to School News 2020


It's almost time for school to open, and we are thrilled! We praise God for the size of Living Science and the approach we take to education. Because of our non-traditional facility and parent driven education approach, we are uniquely suited to weather this season of unique challenges and provide excellent, in person education. Living Science campus is such that it easily facilitates for social distancing and we have configured classrooms to help maintain social distancing.

For more details, read our complete health and safety protocols.

We are excited about school opening on September 8th. We are monitoring Georgia public health directives and recommendations for schools and will adjust as needed to comply and protect our students, families, staff, and faculty. At this time, we expect to implement the following protocols and policies.

  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival – all persons on campus will be issued a wrist band with their temperature recorded on it.
  • Doors will be designated IN or OUT to streamline traffic flow in one direction.
  • Hand sanitizer will be in place outside each classroom – to be used each time a person enters. We encourage each student to carry his/her own personal hand wipes and/or sanitizer.
  • Furniture will be arranged to maximize spacing.
  • Common areas will allow for social distancing and be wiped down regularly.
  • Surfaces – tabletops, doorknobs and handles will be cleaned at the end of each class.
  • Lab computers will be carefully cleaned between classes.
  • Masks and gloves are not required but permitted for students if provided by parents.
  • Students must bring their own food and drink in either disposable containers or take-home containers. Items left behind will be disposed of.
  • The Tuck Shop will operate with strict monitoring and social distancing (all merchandise is pre-packaged individually).
  • Microwave use will not be available.

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