Month: March 2016

Team Wedgetech | Living Science Academy

Team WedgeTech Wins High School Manufacturing Award at InVenture Competition

Team WedgeTech took the High School Manufacturing award AND second place overall in the Georgia Tech InVenture competition today. Congratulations to our hard-working students on their accomplishment, and to their teacher, Michelle Crose, who made it all possible!  Stay tuned for the full report on their product and experience.

Living Science STEM Homeschool Program | Living Science Academy

Homeschooling Science, Hybrid Schools and STEM

While many homeschooling families sail through the elementary years, some parents start to have concerns when their children are ready for middle school or high school.  As students mature and school becomes more rigorous, it becomes more difficult to cover the entire curriculum with confidence.   This is often especially true as parent/teachers seek to…

John 3:16

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