• Why Living Science

    Discipleship from the top down, School trips, and a "Safe" Environment for learning

    Discipleship is modeled from the top down beginning with the staff. We have a "safe" environment and instruct from a biblical world view, teaching to all learning styles. Our expeditions and field trips focus on revealing the fingerprint of God in every facet of life. Education is preparation for Life!

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  • Our approach

    Our approach is unique. We work from principles established 18 years ago.

    To create an environment that encourages students to move beyond academic excellence. We teach children - not just a curriculum. We seek to find the magnificent diamond hidden in each child, polish it and make it sparkle. We believe that eveny child should be encouraged to do their best for the King!

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  • STEM

    The basis of Living Science is an appreciation and understanding of science and world in which we live.

    This understanding then opens doors, creating a natural transition to its sister disciplines technology, engineering and math (STEM). We believe learning should be enjoyable. Children learn best by DOING and that each child has an opinion and deserves to be heard.

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  • Servant Leadership

    John Maxwell said, "Leadership is influence. Nothing more. Nothing less."

    We teach Servant Leadership through Service which includes helping in a class and leading middle school students on expedition. In the end, many of the younger students find themselves emulating and desiring to be like the Servant Leaders. A legacy of stewardship is thus developed at a young age with our students.

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  • Partnership

    Our parents give us their best! We work with parents, not for them.

    By amplifying parental efforts necessary to raise Godly and highly educated students, Living Science is a valuable partner to families who desire a Christian-based experience for their children. Our parents get involved in every aspect of Living Science. This is part of their family.

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  • Expeditions

    Excursions are an integral part of the Living Science curriculum.

    While removing the walls of the indoor classroom, we show students the Creator's work in its purest form. We focus on Marine science, ecology and oceanography while using technology and engineering systems to support our experiments.

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