STEM Senior Retreat ExpeditionThe science progression for grades 6-8 prepares students to succeed in rigorous high school science classes.  Sixth graders take an “Introduction to Science” class, which grounds them firmly in the scientific method and gives them an overview of a variety of science topics. Seventh grade Life Science is a foundational course covering basic biological principles, from the human body to biomes.  Eighth graders take Earth Science, gaining a strong knowledge base in geology and an understanding of young-Earth catastrophism that supports a literal reading of the Genesis account of creation.  All middle school students complete major projects and present them to the class in formal presentations, which provide critical training and experience in public speaking skills.

Middle school students may opt to take a full STEM curriculum (math, science, and technology/engineering). Living Science also offers all middle school academic classes, meeting in a once-a-week format, mainly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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